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Our Vision


Modern communications are changing the way that all businesses operate. In the future, the location of your workplace will become less important. Instead it will be the quality of your life and quality of your working environment that will be important.


In order to assess whether you have got the balance right, it might be helpful to answer these questions:


Can you get to work easily and quickly with no hassle at all?

Can you park right outside your business- can your visitors do the same?

Have you got the room to breathe and space for ideas?

Are you getting the space you need at a very competitive cost?

Have you got access to modern communications so you can work globally?

Can you go for a walk in the countryside or on the beach in your lunch break if you
  want to?

Are your customers impressed by your choice of location and working environment?

Are you currently paying too much in rates or service charges?

Can you get more space to expand your business when you need it- or have
  the flexibility to contract if you have to?

Can you talk directly with the owner at any time?

Our aim is to build up a mutually sustainable community of businesses supporting each other and working together. We hope that in future we will be able to provide additional office services such as phone answering, enquiry taking and bookkeeping, as well as providing meeting facilities and an on-site café.