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North Norfolk, as the Sunday supplements love to point out, is now a highly fashionable part of the UK. This is because it provides one of the last true havens from the hectic pace of 21st century life. This is a memorably beautiful environment where you can find true peace. But it also an environment in which you can attract the high quality staff necessary to run a successful, thriving business.


North Norfolk is undergoing an exciting financial renaissance. There has been considerable investment by the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) into the local economy. Crucially, the area is prospering through increased tourism and through the highly respected centres of excellence such as the University of East Anglia, the John Innes Centre and the Sainsburys Food Research Institute.


Increasingly, it will be the irreplaceable quality of life that will give North Norfolk businesses a strategic advantage in the competition for the best people and the best opportunities. In many ways, the area - and the North Norfolk Business Centre in particular - will provide you with the perfect life/work balance that will enable you to run a successful business alongside a successful life.